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Thursday, November 12, 2009



hari ini mari kita kupas isu penikam belakang atau lebih dikenali sebagai BACKSTABBER. mungkin ramai diantara kita yang pernah menikam belakang sesiapa sebelum ini. atau mungkin ada juga yang ditikam belakang oleh sesiapa.

tapi sebelum kita buat apa apa pertuduhan atau sebelum menuduh sesiapa , pernah ke kita ambil tahu apa maksud sebenarnya BACKSTABBER ini ?

menurut Wikipedia , BACKSTABBER bermaksud :
a person or an aide who says positive in front of us but condemns or criticises at the back. A Backstabbers generally have some motive behind which can range from money, work, fun, interest, etc. to hurting you as well.

tetapi lain pula kata UrbanDictionary :
- Some one that you have grown to be really close friends with, but then they go and go behind your back and betray you.
- A person who betrays a friend, like when Brutus stabbed Ceasar.
- Someone who pretends to be your friend; but talks shit about u to other people.
- a "friend" who seems to be your "friend', but really they are not your "friend", in most occurences one find out that they friend is a backstabber when they see or hear there friend committing an act of cruelness towards you, when they think that you will never know what they did/ and or said about you.
- A person that smiles in ur face but all the time they wanna take ur place.
- Close friends or family that go behind your back and take you for everything you have.

ooohhh itu maksud BACKSTABBER sebenarnya.

persoalan pertama , adakah ANDA seorang BACKSTABBER ? hanya anda punya jawapan. orang lain mungkin tidak tahu , tapi jawapan hanya ada pada ANDA sendiri , cik BACKSTABBER.

okey , macam mana kita nak hadapi orang orang yang tak berhati perut penikam belakang ni semua ? let's find out here. [klik sini , aku malas nak translate]

oh ya , entry ini tidak ditujukan kepada sesiapa pon. tidak kepada sesiapa pon. betul ni. aku cuma bagitau semua orang apa erti BACKSTABBER saja. *winks*