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Sunday, November 1, 2009

hello november !

AAR for me was sucks. because of the sounds. and because of the beyonce-song-ad. DAMN!!

met Amirah and her brothers. met Amy and Pjoe. met Sid. met Jazlan. met Elena and Golin. bumped with bestfriend-now-enemy Wany , but i guess she doesn't noticed me. had a good-not-great time with Alef. missing Afie. and enjoying One Buck Short featuring Liyana Fizi.

Liverpool lost once again. what a boooo. i've got messages from MU fans right after the game. nice.

just arrived Penang. tired. tomorrow is my first paper. calculus. going to study with extra adrenaline today. i'm going for A for this paper. wish me a good luck , guys. *winks*

the only good thing happened yesterday was when Pjoe told me that CCE have a chance to appear on Utopia magazine in the future. he will try to put us on the magazine. another great opportunity for CCE to be known all over Malaysia. this is my works. i have been doing all this by my own. alone ! i repeat , ALONE.

please people , give me credit. not other person.

p/s : have to go on diet starting today. many people said that i'm chubby right now. what the &*^% ? oh yelah. bahagia. hahaha eh kenapa speaking london ni ? dah la grammar terabur. hahaahahaha saja suka suka. wuwu

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